Influential Trends for 2021

Key Influences

When we talk about #UnsameYourHome and how to create a space that reflects your own individuality and style, we often suggest to not be too guided by what the latest 'trends' are.  Creating a space which feels like home and right for you and your family, often involves designing a scheme around your own needs and the things that are right for you.  Having said that, we also understand and appreciate how useful it can be to gain inspiration from others and this can influence the decisions you make for your home.  Drawing from images and resources that inspire you is incredibly important and we always advise starting with a visual mood board.  This can be done in physical or digital formats. Read a little more about this subject in this earlier blog post.

As we move through the year, we hope that people will begin to feel inspired again about the prospect of inviting friends and family back into their homes once more.  Thanks to lockdown restrictions, we all have a much more personal connection to 'home' and therefore a more individual approach to how we decorate.  An era of being inspired by your own unique style and personality is something that we are very excited about at Craig & Rose. 

So what are the big subjects that will no doubt, influence your interior design decisions this year - whether you know it or not.  And what colour trends are developing that you should know about?

The Outside World

Our understanding of how nature affects our mental and physical health is now understood better than ever and our interest in pulling the 'outside-in' continues to be strong.  This can be realised in homes by introducing plenty of plant-life to a scheme, or by reflecting the impactful and effective palettes of nature in the colours, patterns and materials that you choose.

Green is a highly versatile colour that looks great when paired with many other tones, but more specifically, the love for rich, deep and vibrant greens has intensified and people are more confident at applying strong colours like this to larger areas of our home.  Fleurie and Ottilie were both introduced to the 1829 Collection in 2020.

Creativity and Individuality

We continue to see beautiful, intense tones such as Payne's Grey and Angelica performing well but for 2021 we think people will begin to realise their hopeful and optimistic aspirations for the year ahead by experimenting with brighter colours.  As we've seen with the recent trend for graphic blocks and wall murals, colour is no longer confined to just the walls nor indeed defined by strict palettes.  'The feature wall' is not the only place for brave choices. We expect to see more confident colour palettes used across all walls and unexpected combinations add a sense of fun and style.

@therachelhendersonstudios on Instagram featuring Jarosite, Alhambra Stone and Châtelaine.

This shot features Châtelaine and Arabian Red.


"Using paint in a new, creative approach, is fast becoming the smartest and most stylish way to make your home a little more unique."

Colour Blocking and Murals

Armed with a roll of masking tape and a spirit level, its possible to create your own feature, combining a couple of your favourite shades into a show-stopping, artistic style.  By applying colour to a small section of the room you can highlight a functional zone or a particular feature - see our examples below.

@househomo on Instagram featuring Fleurie, Cadmium, Lamplighter and Damson.

@chapelstreethome on Instagram featuring Fresh Plaster and Cadmium.

Painted Ceilings

This was one of the most popular search terms for late 2020 and is a fantastic way to inject some colour if you are keeping your walls light or just want to make a statement. You can select a colour to tie in with other elements of the room such as soft furnishings or wallpaper, just like this example from Maria Jones (@theinterioreditor on Instagram).  Alternatively, make your ceiling the main feature by opting for light tones on all walls and a pop of brilliant colour for the ultimate style statement!

For further inspiration on this idea, check out our earlier blog post Unsame Your Ceiling!


@theinterioreditor on Instagram featuring Deep Adam Green on the walls and Rose Pink on the ceiling.

@mr_goldhouse on Instagram featuring Gloriana

Awash with Colour

Taking one single colour throughout the room, encompassing the woodwork and fitted elements is another way to create a modern, seamless look.  This can be done really effectively by selecting our versatile, low-sheen eggshell for all surfaces.

The Need for Comfort and Tactility

As well as inviting in nature and adopting calming green tones, another way to connect ourselves with the outside world is to incorporate more surface texture and interesting details.  Our Artisan range provides the ability to experiment with impactful effects, tactile finishes and eye-catching techniques.  Replicate the warm intensity of Copper and Rust, the familiar feel of Stone or even the cool, sophistication of Concrete.

Our homes are multi-functional spaces that need to work hard to support daily life so it's important to have a place of calm and relaxation, away from stress and distraction.  When it comes to the interior design of your home, there are some simple and effective options which can help you achieve your own form of sanctuary.

@the_middle_terrace on Instagram featuring Artisan Stone Effect in European Stone.

@blvckdecor on Instagram featuring Clove Brown.

Panelled Walls

This trend has grown rapidly, driven by able DIYers and those able to seek out tips and advice online. Creating panelling designs adds character and interest to plain rooms and can be carried across all walls or used as a backdrop or feature wall option.  Styles range from more classic period detailing to more contemporary styles such as this example (right) from Instagram account @thenoticeblog.

New Neutrals

Cold, grey shades have seen a dip in popularity, making way for much warmer, more saturated colours.  Neutral tones encourage a feeling of harmony and comfort in the home and can be a great option if you want to make a space feel bigger, lighter and brighter.

@thenoviceblog on Instagram featuring Regency Cream.

Everyday Luxe - Suprise and Delight

The recent global pandemic has provided many with a sense of wanting to make the most of every day.  People are now less inclined to save their best for best, ensuring that favourite items are seen and used on a daily basis.  This idea also transcends into home decoration as we begin to reconsider how we treat the smaller areas of our home and the previously forgotten and unloved zones.  Downstairs toilets, small home offices, hallways and utility rooms now get special treatment and more adventurous choices for decoration which will ensure these important areas of the home are back in the spotlight, with a new, elevated look. 

@thebucketlistdiy on Instagram

@inspired_interiors_edinburgh on Instagram

By applying dark, intense colours and vibrant, punchy shades to small spaces you can achieve a space which surprises and delights.  Bold wallpaper and even metallic effects are an increasingly popular option and our Artisan Range includes a selection of Gold, Bronze and Silver tones. If you are inspired to use these specialist finishes in wet areas, we recommend sealing the surface with a suitable water-based varnish.