1. Decorating with Green

    Decorating with Green

    Green is one of the most versatile colours on the spectrum and is currently experiencing a renaissance in popularity for interiors. From deep rich greens with an opulent feel to mossy, earthy mid tones through to pale, mint green, your home will feel welcoming and calm wherever you choose to feature green.

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  2. Top 5 paint effects for 2019

    Top 5 paint effects for 2019

    2019 is the year of paint effects. With bold walls cited as a key trend in Elle Décor, along with mixed metal accents, our new generation of Artisan paint effects are an easy way to make your room look unique. Find out what makes our top 5 list.

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  3. Craig & Rose opens new showroom in Notting Hill, London

    Craig & Rose opens new showroom in Notting Hill, London

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  4. Artisan Glitter Glaze

    Focus on Glitter Glaze

    Bring some sparkle into your New Year with our tips for working with Glitter Glaze. 

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  5. colour trends 2019

    Colour Trends for Winter/Spring 2019

    Our key trend predictions - Winter Warmth, Spring Fresh and Extreme Accents encompass the warmth and belonging of natural tones, with a move towards the fresh, light tones of new beginnings. Team these with bright pops of colour to make a statement in your own home.

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  6. time for taupe

    Time for Taupe

    Has grey had its’ day? Does the start of 2019 signal a time to return to taupe and the warmth of the more creamy neutrals? Let’s find out!

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  7. Black Friday offer

    Exclusive Black Friday offer

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  8. crafting for Christmas with Artisan

    Crafting for Christmas

    Christmas. We look forward to decorating with lights, sparkle, warm textiles and of course our Christmas trees.

    If you are thinking of adding some festive touches, here are our top 5 Christmas crafting ideas with Artisan paints.

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  9. Upcycling special: Oh so kel

    Upcycling special with Oh So Kel: Bar cart glamour

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  10. Who says colour is just for walls?

    Who says colour is just for walls?

    Who says colour is just for walls? Upcycling is an easy way to breathe new life into a preloved piece of furniture and express your unique style. Just take Chalky Emulsion & Furniture Wax and add your imagination.

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  11. who says avoid colour clashes

    Who says avoid clashing colours?

    Many people avoid using bright colours as they worry it won’t work. There’s only one opinion that matters: yours. If it works for you, then it works. But if you need a little help with colour choice, then the colour wheel is your friend.

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  12. who says walls should be one colour?

    How to paint a two tone wall

    Who says walls should be one colour?

    Why choose one favourite colour, when you can have two?  The possible combinations are endless.

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  13. Who says feature walls are out

    Who says feature walls are out?

    Not us! It provides a perfect balance for your creativity, and the practicality of everyday living in your space. Read our blog post to find out more. 

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  14. follow your trend

    Follow Your Trend with Craig & Rose

    Because there’s no one like you, anywhere. Bring your vision to life with the range and quality of Craig & Rose paints. What's YOUR trend?
    Share your projects with us on Instagram and show us your style! Hashtag #followyourtrend #craigandrose

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  15. Angelica_Autumn

    Interior Colour Trends - Autumn/Winter 2018

    As we say farewell to the summer heatwave and look forward towards autumnal evenings, followed by cozy dark winter nights we take a look at the colour trends for the seasons ahead.

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