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The Artisan range includes some truly exciting and distinctive special effect finishes, and this month we are launching four new products into the range.  Chalk Wash is designed to create the look of delicate broken colour, bringing rich texture to your wall.  The subtle effect can be applied by sponge, rag or brush for a timeless and elegant look.

Chalk Wash can be applied over any Craig & Rose 1829 Chalky Emulsion – choose the opposite colour for a bold effect or pair with a similar shade for a more understated look.

With Chalk Wash its easy to achieve texture and depth across a flat surface or large area and this new product provides a great way to create a marble-like effect, beautifully complementing other popular surfaces such as wood, velvet and glass. With material texture continuing to be a key trend for the coming seasons, its now not only your accessories and furniture that can look delightfully tactile, but your walls too.

The overall look complements a modern style as well as more traditional, timeless interiors and the application process allows for a little creativity to achieve a bespoke outcome.

Blue Ochre is dark iron blue with hints of warm grey, this shade was used by 19th century painters as a warmer alternative to black.

Terre Vert is an intense, deep and candied jewel green, taking its cue from popular Art Deco shades of green.

Pink Clay is inspired by the classic colour of freshly applied lime plaster – it’s a shaded natural that boasts a gentle warmth.

Flax Yellow is dark, noble cadmium yellow, which can add a sun-soaked mustard warmth to any space.