Introducing Colour Patch

When purchasing paint for your home you may need to sample 4 or 5 different shades before you select your final colour. Our 1829 Collection tester pots come in 50ml tins and we recommend that you paint two coats of each colour on to lining paper so that you can properly review the colour in your home.  Any leftover paint can be used for upcycling projects or disposed of safely.  All of our tester pots contain our water-based chalky emulsion finish so the tidy-up job is really simple. 

But what if choosing colour for your project could be even easier? 


This innovative self-adhesive paint colour sample allows you to effortlessly test out colour options in your own home.  Colour Patch are coated rather than printed in order to give you an accurate representation and they have been designed to help you find your colour confidence and visualise your choices without the fuss of wet paint.​ ​

The way we see colour is impacted by a number of factors such as the amount of natural and artificial light in the room and also surrounding materials and finishes.  Each 20cm x 20cm Colour Patch can be moved to different walls and reapplied to new locations and by using this method you will get a true understanding of how the colour will look.  For convenience, Colour Patches can be ordered online today with free delivery and this clever new product is available in 60 of our favourite shades so choosing great colour for your home has never been so easy! 


If you are in the early stages of designing your scheme, Colour Patches can be used in mood boards and flatlays which will help you to determine which colours work with the other elements of the room such as wallpaper, flooring and accessories.  

This colour confident collection features five of our newest colours to the collection; Troubadour, Fleurie, Gloriana, French Ochre and Chatelaine and we’ve included a firm favourite, Zeitgeist too. By combining bold colour and a varied combination of pattern we have created a stylish and eclectic look which is sure to work in both moderns and period style properties. 


Note: Our new Colour Patch product includes a temporary adhesive, so we recommend testing on a small inconspicuous section of wall first to ensure you have sound adhesion before applying the full Colour Patch to the wall.