White has been a top selling colour for interiors for many years – from architects to artists to house developers, everyone agrees on its innate ability to reflect light and provide a perfect backdrop for other show-stopping details in a room.


White has been popular for centuries – it was a leading feature of architectural interiors in the Baroque period and popular within the lavish Rococo style. Lead white was the traditional pigment used, which remained popular until 1920, and the introduction of titanium white.

By 1945 80% of white pigments sold were titanium white – the brightest white known and with twice the covering power of lead white. Sometimes known as Perfect White, these new bright white paints evolved and what we now know as modern day pure brilliant white became a standard product on DIY retailers shelves and tradesmans paint orders.

Using traditional methods and the finest raw materials, we have created Craftsman’s White -   an alternative to the modern pure brilliant white produced in our classic Chalky Emulsion finish. An online exclusive, this ‘perfect white’ balances and co-ordinates with our new Modernist palette.

The absoluteness of white appealed to modernist painters and architects – with black and white being the favourites of artists, architects and galleries to this day. The perfect white is a natural backdrop to artworks or things of beauty. It shows off architectural features and creates a feeling of light and calm in interiors.  

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