Jimmy has a passion for paint. After 30 years in the industry it’s in his blood, most probably multicoloured blood. Watching him at work is like observing someone creating a masterpiece. With perfection demanded, sourcing the best raw materials is just the start. Both sides of his personality enable him to combine the creativity of an artist with the preciseness of a scientist. And the result of Jimmy’s care and craftsmanship? The elegant 1829 paint range. Inspired by stories from different periods and places; from our castles and palaces right here in Scotland to the ruins of Egypt. Jimmy is always searching for the shades that have stood the test of time,  as beautiful now as they ever were. When you apply the rich, smooth and creamy 1829 paint you’re completing the final step in a meticulous process: to give your walls a touch of timeless style – and the beginning of another story.