Making a Subtle Statement

Decorating with subtle hues will give your space a soft, relaxed feel.

Subtle tones can be used to make a bold statement by drawing attention to beautiful architectural features or stunning artwork. 

These subtle walls blend into the background here as all eyes are on that beautiful black beam, sloping roof and skylight that floods the space with light.  Try Stucco or Dried Plaster for this look and bring in some Jet Black details.

subtle scheme

                             Source: @roomedni

This room @lockehotels is just perfect with the architecture serving as the main feature. A crisp white is perfect to show off both period and contemporary features and the pop of yellow, similar to Lamplighter, on the door completes the look. 

locke hotel

Soften up a minimal scheme with cozy bedding and plenty of it! Try Craftman's White for a minimal scheme and load up on plush textiles.


                               Image @gryphonhome

This subtle scheme illustrates beautifully how to combine a few paired-back shades for maximum impact. The artwork picks up on the colours from the sofa and cushions beautifully.

subtle walls

                               Image @zanui

And finally, subtle doesn’t need to mean neutral. This soft blue-grey tone is the perfect calming backdrop for black, white and grey accents. To create a similar look try Pompadour or go deeper with Saxe Blue.


                              Image @roomedni

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