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Making Progress for a Greener Future

At Craig & Rose, we take our responsibility to be more sustainable seriously.  We continue to make progress to ensure our products and processes are as kind to the planet as possible and our teams are always looking for ways to improve our sourcing, manufacturing and distribution from an eco-conscious perspective. 

Here are a few things you may not be aware of:


When you buy paint from Craig & Rose, whether online or in-store, you can already trust that the majority of our packaging is recycled.  In order to eliminate all avoidable plastic waste, we opt for metal paint tins and the material used is already over 70% recycled.  Once finished with, the tins themselves can be repurposed over and over again through your local collections. All of our cardboard packaging is 100% recyclable and our colour cards and brochures are created using sustainably sourced paper. We work closely with suppliers who use FSC certified sources and manufacture responsibly too.


Zero Waste to Landfil

We take pride in the fact that we have been producing high-quality paint locally in the UK for almost 200 years and at our manufacturing site in Scotland our team have been working hard to deliver new and innovative solutions when it comes to sustainability.

From April 2021, the Craig & Rose factory near Edinburgh has achieved the significant milestone of zero waste to landfill. Thanks to the hard work of our team, along with the expected traditional recycling systems, all paint waste is now recycled, our 30L drums are cleaned and repurposed and energy is recovered from the remaining mixed waste.



Water-based Paints

All of the finishes in our 1829 Collection are water-based and classed as low VOC which not only means fewer nasty odours but they are also safer to work with and the clean-up stage is easier too.

We kindly ask all of our customers to dispose of unused paint responsibly. This means not emptying paint into drains or watercourses, and instead, understanding what special facilities are available in local authorities for the disposal of paint. We're all in it together after all.