As Seen In: National Portrait Gallery

We made a recent trip to the National Portrait Gallery in London and were delighted to see two of our paint colours adorning the walls. Pugins Red and Lincoln Green were used to create the perfect backdrop for paintings from the ‘Elizabeth I and Her People exhibition. This collection explores the story of the Elizabethans from the Queen, the nobility and gentry to many other talented individuals such as explorers, soldiers, merchants, artists and writers.

The colours selected are both historically correct and complementary to each piece from the exhibition. Pugins Red is a colour from the Victorian Period, favoured by Pugin in his Gothic revivalist architecture of the time.

Lincoln Green originated from mixing woad and weld to create a rich shade that was often used on Art Deco furniture.

If you’re an art lover we think it’s worthwhile considering which colours will best showcase your collection. Colour can be used to organise and connect, with contrasting colour tones bringing balance to a room. Look to your artwork for colour inspiration and explore whether you can reflect the subject matter of your artwork in the colours chosen to paint the room.

Don’t forget to hang artwork at the optimum level. The centre of the image should be at eye level and remember that in living and dining rooms, you tend to be seated so you can lower the height accordingly. You can view all of our vintage colours here