New Colours for 2014

Over the last few months we’ve seen a number of new colour additions to our ranges, from bold blues to pale greys. View all of the new colours below and pick out your favourites.

Blues, Greys and Purples

Blue is the most relaxing of colours, known to slow the heart rate and generate feelings of calm, making it ideal for bathrooms and bedrooms.

A combination of red and blue, purple is a powerful colour that strikes the perfect balance between stimulating awareness and creating calm. Dark purples lend an opulent, luxurious feel whilst lighter shades offer a less dramatic way to incorporate this colour into your home.

Whether you dare to go dark or keep things light, grey is an adaptable colour that provides a neutral backdrop to any room in your home. Our new blue, purple and grey paint colours can be viewed here

Creams and Neutrals

Neutral paint colours are believed to be most effective at creating a blank canvas and evoke a sense of relaxation. Keep your colour palette clean by accenting with black or add a touch with warmth with soft reds, blues, and greens. Whatever you choose, cream and neutral paints provide the perfect basis upon which to build upon. Our new whites, cream and neutral paint colours can be viewed here



Associated with nature, green is considered to be the most restful colour on the eyes. There are many different hues of green and most can be used in all of the rooms throughout your home. Our new green paint colours can be seen here


Reds and pinks     

Red is an energy boosting colour, ideal for use in the living room or dining room because it will draw people together and starts conversation. Also ideal for hallways as it creates a strong first impression.

Pink is also a bright and vibrant colour that can be as bold or delicate as you wish. Darker shades of pink pack a punch whilst lighter shades offer more versatility. Our new red and pink paint colours are here


Yellows and oranges

An uplifting colour, yellow is associated with happiness, joy and energy whilst orange hues are known to positively affect mood and emotions. Best used for small spaces or even used as an accent colour. A top tip when using bright colours such as yellow and orange in your home is to maintain balance by keeping flooring and furnishings neutral. Our new yellow and orange paint colours are here



Dark colours are powerful, dramatic and elegant and can be used throughout your home to set the mood. Dispel the myth by painting small spaces in a dark colour to lend presence and character. View all of our dark tones here