Thinking about decorating?  If you have decided to refresh or revamp a room in your home but are just starting to look for inspiration or decorating ideas, there are lots of places to look! Our previous blog post covered top sources of interior design inspiration.

If you are at the stage of gathering inspiration, you need somewhere to pull everything together and record your choices. There are a number of ways to do this:

1. Create a pinterest account and create boards to cover your topics, such as colour schemes and furniture, or by room.

2. You can use browser tools to bookmark pages that contain your favourite items

3. Wishlists – many retailers and manufacturers now offer a ‘wishlist’ function on their website, which means that you can store a virtual shopping list of all your favourite items and use it like a shortlist until you are ready to make your decision.

The Craig & Rose website features a wishlist function, so that you can save your favourite colours and effects and you can add notes to them, such as the room that you want to use it in, or the measurements for the room. You can find the wishlist icon at the top right hand of the website. When you have made your decision, it is easy to either delete colour choices, or add them to your basket.

If you are ready to start choosing colours or ordering sample pots, you may also find our previous blog post onchoosing and sampling paint colours useful. You can order a colourcard here

If you would rather speak to someone for colour advice, give our customer service team a call on 01383 740 011, they would be happy to help!