Our #UNSAMEYOURHOME Gallery: Part 2

Here, we are continuing with our celebration of beautifully unique interiors which have evolved from ideas about individual style and personal connections with colour.   Your home is yours - make it a place that represents your life and fulfils the needs of you and your family. 

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A stylish 'hack' such as this, exemplifies what we mean when we say 'unsame your home'.  Taking something ordinary and making it unique to you.  Our Eggshell finish is perfect for furniture projects as well as woodwork, kitchens, bathrooms and high traffic areas.

Queen of the stylish hack, @cracktheshutters transformed a simple Ikea bookcase into this stylish cabinet, perfect for her space.  Describing the project, Jen said "I wanted the unit to look more high-end but playful at the same time.  Dried Plaster was the perfect subdued pink to add a feeling of quality yet still keeping it feeling uplifting and fun."  Check out the highlights on Instagram for her step-by-step.  

Recently, we worked with Lily from interiors account @layered.home who set about transforming her son's room with paint from Craig & Rose and some gorgeous furniture and accessories from Rockett St George.  On her blog, Lily describes the process and her experience of updating a child's room to reflect their interests as they grow.  Lily used our deep and moody shade, Zeitgeist on the walls and woodwork. To read more, click here.

We've talked previously about the trend for wall murals and hand-painted shapes which give you an opportunity to be creative.  You can use templates, masking tape or even go free-hand.  The beauty of this concept and why it is so appropriate for our #UNSAMEYOURHOME gallery is because you have the freedom to follow your creativity and ideas.    This example from Gem at @beech.tree.cottage shows a variety of colours that have been painted directly on the wall to form this adorable rainbow motif.  As you can see, it's a really effective way to add some colour to pale or neutral walls and tie in with a scheme.   

Colours used are Olive Laque, Light Umber, Saxe Blue and Rose Pink.

When decorating a child's bedroom there is so much inspiration at your fingertips but often the most insightful source could be the little person that will be enjoying the space.  Tara, @ourlayeredhome wanted to turn her son's bedroom "into a space that’s much more colourful and inspiring to set his imagination free!".  With a love of animals and an adventurous personality to match, it was easy for her to select colours and patterns that would suit his character.  Tara applied Deep Adam Green to the ceiling, Ottilie to the walls and our stunning rusty orange tone, Cadmium to the woodwork.  Even though the room was small, the result was really impactful and a huge hit with the one who it mattered to most!

Long gone are the days of forgotten ceilings painted brilliant white.  Adding colour to your 'fifth wall' can bring a new dimension to the space and allow you to experiment with colour in a completely new way.  Natalie from @no62renovation wanted to transform a dull, cold room into a light, bright yet cosy guest room.  She said "using Papyrus on the ceiling has created such a gentle sun-like glow, every time I see it I can't help but smile".  

Are you inspired to paint your ceiling a new colour?  Check out this earlier post for ideas.

Of course, it's not just colour choice that can help you create an individual interior.  Selecting the right paint application and techniques can also help you make your room work for you.  This example is a multi-functional space so it was important to define the different areas.  For the home office zone, this contemporary colour-blocking idea was incorporated and @justahomeaccount used Pink Clay from our incredible Chalk Wash range to give the Pink Beige base colour some texture.  

To see more effect paints such as this, take a look at our Artisan Collection.

Selecting the colours that will define the feel of your home can sometimes seem a difficult task but even when you're not making a big colour statement, its worth investing time to make the right choice.

Gary, @myalexandrapalace can often be found chatting to our Stockbridge team about his plans. He explained, "A high-quality paint will often mean you are getting higher colour pigment, which will pick up on the gentle tones of daylight moving through the space."

For this beautiful room, soaked in daylight, Exposition Gris and White Doe were selected.

Experimenting with new colours in small areas can often be a great way to see the effect that different choices can have on the way your home looks and feels. @style_the_hawthorns were new to using dark colours but after making the bold move to use Angelica in their kitchen/dining room they found that the confident choice really worked and transformed their whole perspective on the room and its connection to the outdoors space too.

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