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Our #UNSAMEYOURHOME Gallery: Part 4

This latest edition of our #UnsameYourHome galleries focuses on confidence in both colour choice and paint application. We've chosen a selection of rooms to feature which incorporate bold, saturated tones - these being particularly popular this Autumn/ Winter season. At a time when many of us are in need of inspiration, and joyful optimism, we are celebrating interior schemes which push boundaries and challenge the rulebook when it comes to the use of colour in the home.

A celebration of individual uniqueness and freedom of expression is at the heart of this trend direction and we are all for it!

Kim (@the_home_kim_built on Instagram) recently renovated her bedroom and inspired by luxurious hotels, she worked with our colour consultants in Glasgow to select a palette of colours that would create an opulent and sumptuous mood.  The team at Paint my Home helped to ensure that the final result was also reflective of the premium style she hoped for.

If this boutique look is something you want to recreate in your home - take a look at Pullman Green and Craftsman's White together.

Developing a scheme that is inspired by personal characteristics and tastes is a brilliant way to go when creating children's bedrooms.  Joanna knew from the offset that a relaxed yet quirky and fun direction would suit her daughter's individuality down to a tee.  Ensuring that she incorporated a variety of textures, surface details and patterns was important and when it came to the walls there was no exception.  Joanna combined a natural, modern panelling style as well as a beautifully creative application of paint.  The scalloped detail you can see in this shot combines Mackintosh Mauve and Alhambra Stone. Check out Joanna's Instagram for more information - @mauveandmochahome.

If you've seen pictures of Geri's home (@overatno18) before you won't be surprised by this bold scheme.  But for this project, Geri carefully selected colours that would be really appropriate for the mood she wanted to create in her bedroom.  She wanted it to not just feel uplifting, as expected with brighter shades, but to also feel warm and cosy too.  The final colour choice of French Ochre and Châtelaine feels modern and optimistic yet has a depth and intensity that ensures this room is a place you can really enjoy waking up to, no matter the season.

As explored previously in our Gallery: Part 3, the Artisan range is the ultimate option for you as you look to #UnsameYourHome.  The bespoke nature of this range allows you to create really unique features, whether that be on walls or furniture.  When we invited Kyla Magrath to take part in our challenge, we weren't surprised when she selected Artisan Rust Effect.  From a functional point of view, Kyla wanted a space-saving, larder cupboard, but Kyla's style is far from functional.  This eye-catching finish gave a simple Ikea bookcase the much-needed facelift to suit this beautiful, boho style home.  Find out more about this project here.

Intent on ensuring her guest bedroom wasn't overlooked or devoid of style, Tash (@woodsintothewoods) went about creating an inviting and calming space that would make sure people never wanted to leave. The combination of natural woods, smart panelling and a highlight of metallic on the bed frame produced a really stylish look with cosy soft furnishings chosen to complement the striking green feature wall.  Ottilie is one of our favourite Greens; dark and sumptuous with a powdery softness.

As a homes journalist, Ciara Elliott was experienced to know exactly how she wanted this room to feel and after a Colour Consultation with Craig & Rose, she selected Pentland for the feature wall and not only did it create the perfect mood but has evolved brilliantly with changing fashions and styles.  With warm, saturated colours now particularly on-trend, Ciara has been able to restyle the room with a wonderful selection of warm textiles and home decor pieces, creating a corner of her home which benefits family life and looks amazing too!

Ciara says "The choice to go brown in here was encouraged by colour consultant Natasha who kindly visited the house and advised on the rooms. I love that she nudged me out of my comfort zone." 

To find out more about our Colour Consultation service, click here.

Timeless colour combinations such as this can still be impactful with consideration for the balance of light and dark in a room.  By combining soft textures and natural materials, @behindthebluedoor__ have achieved a wonderful balance of contrasting colours and comfortable tactility.  Payne's Grey is a classic favourite from our 1829 Collection and is the perfect feature wall choice in this scheme.


How do different colours make you feel? It's important to think about this when you select paint colours for the different rooms of your home. @hammeringithome chose our punchy, cheerful shade Lamplighter for their hallway.

"We built our under-stairs storage and wanted to make a feature of them so chose the bright yellow Lamplighter shade. We love being greeted by the striking shade in the hallway, and the small tin even left us enough to paint a feature colour block behind our gallery wall in our dining room too. We generally think splashes of yellow are a sure way to introduce a bit of sunshine into any space" - @hammeringithome

There's something to be said for selecting colours that are a little more saturated, even if you're set on a relaxed, neutral look like @lottemansonDried Plaster is a soft mineral shade that has just enough warmth to take it out of the realms of simple and ordinary to create a room that is full of character and charm. 

Last but certainly not least, this multi-functional space gets lots of love on Instagram and we agree, the combination of that contemporary paint line and plywood mixed with plant life and our gorgeous green Ottilie makes for an incredibly stylish space.  Check out Amy's home @firststepontheladder