Our #UNSAMEYOURHOME Gallery: Part 1

Think about your life. The places you've been, the things you've achieved, the trials you met along the way. 

Think about the incomparable story of your family and the beautifully unique personalities that belong to it.

This past year has shown us all how important 'HOME' is. Not just a place to eat and sleep but a space to learn, rest, heal and rejoice. Your home has a big part to play in the way you feel and the way you live your life. At Craig & Rose, we believe that the decisions you make for your home should be driven by these wonderful characteristics and not defined purely by trends and other peoples opinions. 


Creating a home that you LOVE and that truly reflects you will require deep thought and consideration but it's a challenge that is unquestionably worthwhile. 


Our #UNSAMEYOURHOME Gallery is where we will be sharing some fantastic examples of this and the inspiration and thought process behind some fabulous colour decisions. 

First up is this shot from the mural master @househomo and this stunning trompe l'oeil arch and Fleurie painted fireplace. We love Richards fearless use of colour, combining multiple tones and creative vision into a carefully considered scheme for each room.  Understanding more about your relationship with colour will help you to gain confidence in your own decisions. Richard shared with us his thoughts... "I want to be surrounded by colour because I wanted to feel joy in every room. Each time I walk into the living room and see the Fleurie Fireplace it instantly makes me smile".

Colour has the power to transport you to another place or another time. This beautiful room belongs to Emily Smoor of design studio Fantoush who visited our Edinburgh showroom and selected this colour, China Doll from our colour atlas - where the options are endless!

When it came to the decision on colour here, Emily explained "This room is East facing and its window is blocked by a wall so it was important that the colour brought warmth to the space. As a designer, I would say that pink is the hardest colour to get right, in one room a colour can look candy-sweet and in another it might look sludgy and brown. China Doll worked perfectly in my sitting room, it's pink enough to be warm but has enough brown in it for it to feel earthy rather than sweet. It picks up the colours in the hanging rug and reminds me of the beautiful pinks that you find in Morocco."

Sometimes it's about a feeling that you want to create in your home and with paint, little updates like this can be so easy yet incredibly effective!

@houseofharnasz created this painted headboard by using the Antique Gold paint from our Artisan Collection. According to Emily, the inspiration came from "the rising sun and the idea that I wanted to bring hope and positivity to our home in a time of uncertainty and challenge. And also, why would you not want a gold sun in your bedroom!?"

Are you looking for inspiration for your next decorating project? Keep your eyes open! In order to create a home that is unique to you and your own style, your inspiration could be anywhere!

For @acraftylittlefox it was some eye-catching decor in a local store. Charlotte explained, "My local florist had a real copper sheeted wall and I loved it so much, so when I found that Craig & Rose did the copper effect I had to do it!". If, like Charlotte, you're drawn to texture and different materials and details then you'll love our Artisan Collection which features the Copper Effect paint and Copper Patina Solution shown here.   Charlotte added, "I love doing things like that anyway I've always been very creative so having a neutral boring home just isn't the go for me. I look at a plain wall and constantly think about how I can change it."

Sometimes there are colours that are an instant hit.  We spoke to Interior Designer Leila @leilatalmadgeinteriors who incorporated our beautiful, bold blue Smalt into her home. "Colour for me is like a best friend. You want to sit with it, spend time together, solve all your issues with it - sometimes it gives you a hug, other times it gives you a pick me up, but ultimately when it works you just know." What colours do you love to be surrounded by?

Your entranceway is the perfect place to begin to introduce new colours.  It provides that first impression for your visitors (remember having those?) and a happy welcome home for you. 

This hallway belongs to @littlehousenearthebrook who knew exactly what this space needed.  The half-painted wall creates a highlight of colour against the monochrome scheme and French Ochre proves to be a great choice.

You might purchase a new piece of decor or even be looking to incorporate an old favourite or a family heirloom into your new scheme.  That item could be the starting point for your palette.  

For Holly, @overatno15, the colours for this room started to come together once she purchased the wallhanging but it was the two important people sharing the space that inspired the final shades. 

For all those wondering, the colour on these walls is Morris Blue.

Our #UNSAMEYOURHOME Gallery: Part 2 is coming soon!!

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