Modernism (1918-1950) encouraged the re-examination of every aspect of existence, from commerce to philosophy, with the goal of finding that which was 'holding back' progress, and replacing it with new ways of reaching the same end.  

The modernist period was hugely influential on the architecture that we see today, and the ethos of the period, such as “less is more” and “form follows function” is just as applicable today in modern interiors.

‘Modern’ style, which is different from contemporary style, is characterised by clean lines and natural materials such as wood, leather, wool and polished metal. White, grey and black are popular, alongside muted tones such as olive green or deep blue. Colour is often used in moderation to complement or contrast with monochrome. Layouts generally have an airy, expansive feel, with more open plan spaces and no fussy details.

The modernist pallete remains extremely relevant today, with olive green tipped to be the colour of the year, and greys having replaced whites and creams as the new neutral in recent years.

Our 1829 Vintage Colours range contains a modernist palette of colours, all designed to complement each other.

Modernist greys continue to be popular for the Autumn/Winter season, and our pallete contains GrisailleExposition GrisChapelle and Almost Grey, all of which work well alongside Craftsmen’s White and Zeitgeist. Muted olive greens from the modernist period are currently experiencing a revival such as CoachellaOlive Laque and Lucienne Olive. Deep tones that contrast well with white include Payne’s Grey, a deep, muted blue, and Pullman Green, a more classic green tone.

Interior details that can be borrowed from modernism include a minimalist approach that is characterised by a lack of clutter – meaning planning a streamlined approach to storage and display, and built in storage such as recessed shelving where essentials that lack aesthetic appeal can be kept out of sight. Bold colour can be used within artwork or a single piece of furniture or an accent wall to provide focal points within a space. A woollen rug over natural flooring and stainless steel within the kitchen are also details worth stealing.

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