The Easter holidays usually mean two things for families – chocolate (and lots of it!) and decorating. 

So if you are thinking about your own home decoration project, where do you start? Here are some of our tips for planning and choosing a colour scheme.

1. Think about the room that you want to decorate – does it get a lot of sunlight? Can it take deep colours or would light colours be better? What effect do you want to create? Are you looking for harmony, contrast or drama?

2. Be brave with colour choice – a dark or strong colour can look daunting as a small colour chip on a card alongside a myriad of other colours, but on a larger wall space and co-ordinated with the right tones and accessories can look like it belongs. If you are drawn to it – seriously consider using it! 

3. Colour doesn’t have to be forever - The beauty of paint is it’s a fairly low cost item to change, and easy enough to do it yourself with the right preparation. You don’t have to think long term with it – just keep items like the carpet and sofa fairly neutral and you can change the walls as your preference for a colour changes.

4. Create your own mood board by cutting out colours from paint colour cards that you like, collecting wallpaper and fabric swatches and cutting pictures of interiors and furniture from magazines. Or in these days of pinterest – create an online board and pin it! This allows you to visualise how the scheme will take shape and check that items match before you order them. The added advantage of a real, physical moodboard is that you can take it furniture and accessory shopping.

5. Once you have some colours in mind, order your paint samples. Instead of painting on the wall, paint on to a piece of A4 paper or card. This means you can move it around the room to see how it looks in different places and different times of day. You can also use this to take shopping to colour match accessories. Alternatively some companies, like us, offer flat colour swatches too so you don’t have to paint a sample at all. 

Ready to start choosing colours? Order a colourcard here.