Semaphore Tower, located in Surrey, enjoying varied views from beautiful woodland and further over to London, is one of the most recently completed properties belonging to The Landmark Trust.  After being acquired in 2018, Semaphore Tower went through a sympathetic restoration process to ensure the history of this striking property was preserved for all to enjoy.  Despite delays caused by the global Coronavirus pandemic, the accommodation is now open and taking bookings. We are delighted to have a partnership with The Landmark Trust which enables our range of premium paints to continue to be used in places of historical importance across the country.  Craig & Rose have been supplying paint for exciting contracts, such as the iconic Forth Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral and so this partnership strengthens our shared interest in heritage sites.

Inspiration for Colour

A range of colours from our 1829 Collection were chosen by the project team at The Landmark Trust to reflect the history of the building and enhance the glorious details inside. The tower was originally part of a chain of signalling stations that allowed the administration of the Royal Navy to send messages to the naval base in Portsmouth.  The mast, traditional painted red, which conveyed the information across to the next tower in the chain is an icon of the building's history and purpose. This element of the structure inspired the internal design concept and we were able to match the deep red tone into our highly durable Eggshell finish.  It looks incredible against the cooler tones of the scheme!  If you are inspired by this punchy shade, check out our intense flame-coloured, orange-red Troubadour.

Living Areas

Blue tones were used in abundance throughout the rooms to reflect the naval heritage along with a wonderfully curated range of antiques and artefacts.  Here in the kitchen, the walls were painted using Steel Pole and the hand-crafted units have been given an impressive facelift with our lively blue shade, Smalt 

Guest are welcomed by a rich selection of materials and textiles throughout the interior with Saxe Blue adoring the walls in the entrance hall.

The cosy sitting room on the third floor is the perfect place to rest weary legs after a day exploring the 800 acres of woodland and heathland nearby. Regency Cream provides a warm glow. 

Simple Details

The stairwell that takes guests up the six floors (seven if you count the roof) includes a modern two-tone feature that adds an uplifting splash of colour with a welcome brightness that lights up the space.   This red is matched to the mast, but take a look at Troubadour for a similar shade.

All of the joinery work at the property including the doors, architraves and skirtings have been painted in Pipe Clay, a warm harmonious shade that perfectly complements the natural wood details throughout.

The Bedrooms

Pompadour was the colour of choice for the spacious double bedroom; an expressive, elegant blue reminiscent of clear skies. 

The twin bedroom and shower room next door are located on the second floor and were painted in Steel Pole a blue-grey shade, again working well with the warmer tones in the furniture and textiles.

The Bathrooms

Steel Pole was used once again in the shower room - a space greatly benefitting from a large, open window and beautiful tree-top views.

The main bathroom was decorated using Regency Cream, the same warm tone used in the sitting room.  Curious about that flag? It's a historic semaphore flag signalling ‘man overboard'. 

An Incredible View

If you're interested to find out more about this restoration project take a look at this article from The Landmark Trust on Saving the Semaphore Tower.  Inspired to book?  You can find out further details by visiting The Landmark Trust.