Who said ceilings had to be painted white? The traditional approach to ceilings is generally to paint them white but colour on a ceiling can have a great effect, often because it’s unexpected.

 A painted ceiling can take its cue from and expand upon a strong feature in a room like an oriental rug or dominant lamp shade. In a wall-papered bedroom a delicately coloured ceiling can be very effective. In a bathroom a touch of pink in the ceiling can cast a flattering glow and in a a children’s room a brightly coloured ceiling or paint effect such as glitter or metallic paint can add the wow factor. 

Ceilings respond differently to light than walls as it’s unusual to have light directly pointed at them. Features that do throw light up on the ceiling will obviously highlight any colour you use.


Low ceilings can be oppressive and therefore you can take one of two approaches. Go for a light colour that doesn’t add weight such as whites, creams and neutrals to help to make low ceilings appear higher and can create a feeling of spaciousness.

Or you can go for darker and warmer colours such as deep blues, greys or greens that create the illusion of depth and create a more intimate atmosphere.

If you want to be adventurous with colour, a ceiling can be a great place to start!