Spotlight on Design: In Conversation with Helen White, Co-founder of Houseof

In Conversation with Helen White, cofounder of Houseof 

At Craig & Rose we are passionate about sharing our knowledge in design and we are incredibly proud of our active place in the design industry.  Our design-centred series 'Spotlight on Design' is a platform for us to share exciting news, insider interviews and inspiration from across the market with our audience.

First in the series, we are excited to share with you our interview with Helen White, cofounder - Houseof.  Here, Helen gives her advice on how to incorporate statement lighting alongside your well-considered paint choices.


If you have made the first step in transforming your home with paint - why not take it one step further and add highlights and pops to your room with lighting.  Often lights are chosen to blend into the structure of the room but these can provide a statement on their own.  Pick a colourful floor lamp for an instant colour pop behind an armchair or nestle a table lamp on your shelving to brighten up your bookcase.


Lighting is now just as creative as other furniture and being brave and moving away from rows of spotlights will enhance your house.  Add in low, wide forms over spaces like dining room tables to create drama. Organic, curved lighting will add intrigue and soften your space.  Whilst floor lamps can add structure to your space, working with the architecture of your home. 


Think about the mood you want to create within your house and pick colours and lighting to reflect this.  Low, dull lighting will create an intimate space for socialising and brighter lighting is perfect for busy areas like kitchens. To choose the right brightness for your room look at the lumen output and not the wattage of the bulb.  Wattage measures the energy used, lumens measure the light level.  Anything from 200 - 400 Lumens will give low-level lighting and 500 - 700 is great for task dominated spaces. 

Making a Statement

If you aren’t afraid of being bold make a statement in your house in key spots.  If you aren’t graced with high ceilings, choose statement lighting for above beds, dining tables and breakfast bars.  This way you can reflect your personality without bumping your head.

Colour Theory

The colours you pick for your house will directly affect your mood.  Colours like pink and lilac restore a sense of calm and tranquillity in your house whilst brighter blues and yellow tones boost your energy.  Look for colours inspired by nature to ground you such as green and browns to ground you during a busy day.  We don’t have time to paint our walls according to our mood so instead create small spaces within your home to go to when you need a little boost.  Give your walls an extra boost by adding in coordinating lighting.