Spotlight on Design: In Conversation with Paolo D'Agostino Bowe

This week, as part of our Spotlight on Design series, we hear from Paolo D’Agostino Bowe, the man behind the Instagram account @thelittlegoldhouse about what inspires his stylish interior.  The Craig & Rose team are big fans so we were delighted to collaborate with him on his recent lounge renovation, supplying paint for the project. Paolo undertook quite a change in colour, going from a deep teal to one of our newest shades Gloriana which, in true 'the little gold house' style, was used with confidence across the entire room.

Your Instagram account is flooded with inspirational images of your home and you have a really clear style aesthetic. We’re keen to find out a little more about you and what inspires your design choices?

To be honest, I don’t think I have a particular style because I like many different things from different styles, but I definitely know what I like and what I don’t. I am always inspired by colours. From fashion to nature, to everything that surrounds us, to be honest. I love it when I walk around the city and I spot random colour combinations.

You are clearly very confident in using colour throughout your home, with contemporary colour-blocking used as a way to incorporate different shades.  How does colour make you feel and do you have a process for pulling a scheme together when you start a new project?

I absolutely live for colour! As much as I love a neutral scheme, I need colours around me. I don’t like bright or saturated colours and that’s why I always choose calm palettes and chalky tones. When I begin a new project I always start with one or two colours and the furniture and then I start arranging the accents and see what I like the most.

For this recent project, your living room was already looking incredible, featuring a deep teal on the walls. We sent you a couple of colours to sample and in the end, you opted for one of our newest shades, Gloriana.  Can you tell us what inspired this radical change in colour and how your new room makes you feel?

The room is one big room with a lounge on one side and the dining connected and it’s always flooded with light. The reason why I chose this colour is because the lounge is north facing and the teal always made it feel a bit gloomy on a grey day and I wanted to lift it up and give it a bit of energy without being overwhelmed. It’s yellow, but it’s actually a very calming shade.

You used Gloriana in our Eggshell finish which is a low-sheen water-based paint, durable enough for great performance across multiple surfaces. Was it important for you to create a streamlined look, taking the colour over the walls and on to your woodwork and fitted cupboards?

Absolutely, yes! I often hide the flaws of the house with colour. (In this case a “not so great” fitted cupboard), it’s a great trick! The paint was a joy to use and it gave amazing coverage on both walls and cupboards. Also, I personally don’t like white skirting boards and I love the effect of extra height when you paint them in the same colour as the walls.

So what’s next on the cards for your home? Any other exciting projects coming up?

At the moment I will be taking a little break. I’ve also run out of rooms to paint.... unless someone hires me to do their house!

You can follow Paolo and his design journey over at his Instagram account @thelittlegoldhouse