Spring 2022 Colour Palette

New Beginnings

Imagine clear skies and fresh air and the welcome arrival of early spring sun. This palette explores ideas around combining cool and warm shades together to create a look that feels both soothing and optimistic.  


So Versatile

A scheme like this would work in almost any room.  The combination of tones and the focus on natural materials means that it would look equally great in a bedroom, kitchen or lounge.  The key is to get a good balance of warm and cool tones, not just through paint but by taking this idea throughout the whole scheme.

For example, in a bedroom, you might select warm woods in furniture and neutrals for large areas such as bedding or carpeting and then combine textured denim blues and inky navy on smaller accessories and cushions.   In a kitchen, natural wood worktops and deep blue cabinetry would sit comfortably next to more contemporary elements such as graphic patterns on tiling and a lighter colour choice on the walls. 


Spring Has Sprung

If you're looking for a way to bring some brighter colours into your home in a way that feels relaxed and liveable, then this palette is everything you need! 

Here we have combined the delicate muted base of Almost Grey with our popular verdant green, Ottilie.  We have then introduced highlight colours Wedgwood Lilac and Gloriana to create a scheme that is fully inspired by the turning seasons and the vibrant spring blooms you'll see from your window.

Reflective Details

Add in a splash of metallic like our Artisan Bronze Gold and lots of cosy texture for a look which is sure to create feel-good vibes! 

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