Sweet dreams: Painting bedrooms

How you use your bedroom and what kind of ambiance you want to create will influence the colours, fabrics and furniture choices you make.

Dark colours and luxurious, opulent fabrics help to create a boudoir effect whilst light colours and woods coupled with fabrics like cotton and muslin compose a light, breezy environment to relax in.

Heavy curtains or blackout blinds are an elegant means of filtering out the light and if you prefer to wake up in a light filled room then use lightweight materials in pale colours.

Clear out clutter

Clutter in the bedroom can create stress so take some time to clear out cupboards, wardrobes, drawers and keep your sleeping space neat and tidy.

Craig & Rose has a range of colours and tones that allow you create different moods and themes around your home, from creams and neutrals to blues, greys and purples, browse the collections and choose your perfect colour.