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  1. How to create a stylish Christmas place-setting

    How to create a stylish Christmas place-setting

    Looking for a way to to make Christmas extra special this year?  Creating individual and unique decorations will ensure that your home reflects your own tastes. This is more important than ever, now we are all spending more time at home. Let us inspire you to #UnsameYourChristmas

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  2. Artisan Glitter Glaze

    Focus on Glitter Glaze

    Bring some sparkle into your New Year with our tips for working with Glitter Glaze. 

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  3. decorating for christmas


    We all like to make our surroundings as inviting as possible over the festive period. Our effects from the Artisan range are perfect for creating decorations as well as feature areas

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  4. glitter glaze


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