Tag: Interior Design

  1. Get Creative with Wall Murals

    Get Creative with Wall Murals

    From delicate hand-painted florals to contemporary block colour designs, this decorating trend provides the perfect way to make your home more unique.

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  2. Our #UNSAMEYOURHOME Gallery: Part 3

    Our #UNSAMEYOURHOME Gallery: Part 3

    For our third instalment, we shine the spotlight on some amazing rooms that feature our Artisan Effect paints.  This collection provides outstanding, bespoke results that really enable you to create a unique home.

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  3. Our #UNSAMEYOURHOME Gallery: Part 2

    Our #UNSAMEYOURHOME Gallery: Part 2

    Continuing with our celebration of beautifully unique interiors which have evolved from ideas about individual style and personal connections with colour.

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  4. Our #UNSAMEYOURHOME Gallery: Part 1

    Our #UNSAMEYOURHOME Gallery: Part 1

    YOUR LIFE IS TOO INTERESTING FOR BORING PAINT!  Here we are sharing some fantastic interiors and the inspiration and thought process behind some fabulous colour decisions.

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  5. Unsame Your Home Office

    Unsame Your Home Office

    The office has become an integral part of the home and here we look through ideas for how to create a space which encourages productivity and reflects both your needs and personal style

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  6. A Bathroom Makeover With Hello Haus

    A Bathroom Makeover With Hello Haus

    This bathroom was already destined for a little makeover, but when the COVID-19 lockdown began, interior designer and stylist Katie, of Hello Haus, had to make some changes to the plan. Read about how she transformed the space and made the most of the resources she had to hand.

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  7. Unsame Your Fireplace

    Unsame Your Fireplace

    In many rooms, the fireplace is a key focal point. Give yours the attention it deserves by considering the impact that paint can have.

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  8. Unsame Your Walls

    Unsame Your Walls

    In order to #UnsameYourWalls, you need to make a choice of colour and finish that not only feels new but also really suits the space it's intended for. The decision needs to be based on many aspects of the room from daylight to size and proportion but more than this it needs to feel right for you and inspired by your own style and tastes. Getting creative with your walls and trying out new techniques and finishes can result in truly unique results that you’ll love.

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    At Craig & Rose, we are passionate about helping you to create an interior which truly reflects you.  By using our extensive expertise and experience, we can assist you in choosing the right colour scheme for your home.  We also know that with endless inspiration at your fingertips, designing your interior can sometimes feel overwhelming.  We are here to help.

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