As the nights draw in we are captured by the cocooning warmth of some of the richer shades in our 1829 Collection and the familiarity of soothing neutrals.  Our favourite colours this season are reflective of nature yet they hold a captivating sense of energy and intensity as we reluctantly wave goodbye to the summer months, continuing our love for bold, confident tones.  Dynamic greens and stylish terracotta tones sit in harmony with some softer, earthy options and soothing off-white.  Clever colour combinations are the hottest way to decorate right now so let's look at some super-stylish palettes for this Autumn.

Make a Statement

As we begin to look at how to integrate these into our homes we should also consider the changing light of the season and the balance and proportion of colour required depending on how the room is to be used.   Applying colour in highlights through the use of colour-blocking and murals is a great way to introduce new shades to your interior and zone-off multi-functional spaces.  No matter the size, another bold approach is to fearlessly envelop the whole room in one chosen colour from the ceiling, right down over the walls and onto the woodwork.

Palette 1.

The obsession with green lingers this season and our beautiful jewel-green shade Angelica can be applied to an entire room or it works well paired up with these calming, timeless neutrals.  Combine with natural textures and black accessories for a stylish yet liveable, scandi-inspired scheme.

Palette 2.

By opting for a modern, peachy tone like the gorgeous Châtelaine alongside a supportive darker colour such as Arabian red, you can create a really nostalgic yet refreshing combination that looks great in modern properties and period homes alike.

Palette 3.

This on-trend combination has a really familiar Autumnal feel with our muted shade Pentland being incorporated as the neutral tone in this scheme. These deep and saturated colours create beautiful inviting spaces for intimate gatherings with friends and cosy evenings by the fire.

Palette 4.

One of the newest trend-led directions in interior design is to incorporate a dark brown paint alongside calming, sophisticated neutrals.  Dark browns such as Cecily and Clove Brown can bring the drama, contrast and impact of classic, timeless black but with a little more warmth.

Inspired to start wecoming cosy Autumn palettes into your home this season?  Get started by trying out some new shades and order your samples today.