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As the shorter, darker days of winter disappear, we are all looking forward to a springtime takeover. The Design Team at Craig & Rose have been keeping an eye on what tones will be in bloom this season.

Spring is all about growth, rejuvination and wellness. Create a sense of energy and optimism in your home as strong, kind pastels take the spotlight and help us find both adventure and peace. Appearing alongside some familiar pastels, this rich, earthy feeling is embodied in the warm, baked terracotta and blush tones that will surprise us this season.  

Much like the daffodils that brighten the day, yellow and buttery tones are making a statement this spring, with warmer whites rising to join them. Pinkened tones are finding their way into our essential neutrals.  These provide a warmer undertone to pull in any contrasting colours you may already have in your space. Terracotta, usually spotted in the Autumn has arrived early to provide an earthy base for our lighter shades. 

This season, nostalgic lilac hues have crept in and feel fresh and modern. Crisp, clean blues are cool soothing shades that reflect the brighter skies and longer days. Chalky greens create a space that connects us to the outdoors, they encourage a reassuring and restorative atmosphere. 

What will springtime look like for you? If you're feeling inspired to incorporate these tones into your home or perhaps even create your own palette for spring, start by ordering some Colour Patches and/ or samples pots from our 1829 Collection.