As the temperature outside begins to dip, it's tempting to lean towards warm, rich colours like our Autumn Edit.  However, we are reminded of the peace and stillness that this time of year brings and the fact that your home, this season more than ever, needs to be a place of solace and comfort.  Greens and Blues are restorative and familiar - reminiscent of the outside world.  Verdant greens, like reliable evergreens, are optimistic and reassuring.  Cool, calm blues provide much-needed tranquillity.  

Of course, the current love for neutrals continues and in this palette, we have included an organic shade of white which sits perfectly with the brighter tones of the palette.  Chalky White isn't too stark - it's comfortable and natural.  Coachella is a natural companion to wood with plenty of warmth.  And then there's Cecily, one of our newest browns.  It brings a richness to the palette, grounding the lighter shades with the deep tonality of leather.

Palette 1.

This light palette would be perfect for a bedroom - or spare bedroom if you're preparing for guests this festive season.  A combination of calm, quiet tones evokes a sense of relaxation.  Bring in texture to the walls through tongue and groove panelling for a sophisticated country feel and consider using Swedish Blue on the ceiling to recall thoughts of cloudless skies as you wake.

Palette 2.

This woodland-inspired collection of colours feels warm and contemporary with a balanced inclusion of green tones.  Consider our savory garden green Ottilie for the woodwork and Cecily as a backdrop to feature zones or fireplaces with Coachella taking centre stage as the dominant colour.

Palette 3.

From the early morning light on frost-covered trees to cities under the snow, icy blue compilations such as this can inspire a cosy winter feel when layered up with plenty of texture and detail in soft neutral colours.  This typical coastal palette is familiar and soothing and looks great against natural woods.  Adopt Payne's Grey on a feature wall or in a hallway for a dramatic welcome and think about how Chalky White could transform an old piece of furniture into something fresh and modern.

Palette 4.

This last palette combines both blue and green tones with our grounding brown, Cecily as a highlight colour.  Fun wall murals and painted scenes are great for kids rooms but could also be adopted in other areas of the home for a playful feature.  Nature-inspired illustrations are the perfect concept for a gender-neutral scheme - think about creating simple animal silhouettes with Cecily used to add the detail and texture of a woodland setting with trees stumps, acorns and pinecones.

If you are inspired to introduce our calming Winter palettes into your home this season, get started by trying out some new shades and order your samples today.

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