Time for Taupe

Has grey had its’ day? Does the start of 2019 signal a time to return to taupe and the warmth of the more creamy neutrals? Let’s find out!

There was once a time when magnolia was the ‘go to’ for a neutral scheme. Where a blank canvas in a new house meant every wall in cream tones. When interior designers such as Kelly Hoppen heralded the way forward in layering cream tones and textures to create an inviting neutral scheme.

Then, slowly, grey emerged as everyone’s favourite basic. As a true neutral, grey is a colour without colour. It doesn’t affect the apearance of colours around it, so provides a great backdrop for artwork, architectural features or bright pops of colour. For around a decade, we haven’t been able to get enough of grey, from deep, almost black tones to light off-whites with a touch of grey.

But slowly we are seeing more and more designers turn away from grey. If it has a cool undertone, grey can be seen as conservative, or if used alone, without any accent colours to lift it, can feel a little boring.

On the scale between a bright yellow toned magnolia and a cool toned grey, there are many useable neutrals in between. From warm stone, to sand, to light wood tones, these creamy neutrals evoke feelings of nature. When paired with patterns these tones really come into their best. Add some natural textures like wool, pearl, metal, wicker or sisal and they really feel like home.

Influencers across Instagram are looking past grey to embrace the new taupe tones for their timeless feel.

And the new neutral tones also include rich textures for walls. From Pearl Effect paints such as Urban Pearl to Stone Effects like European Stone, your walls can be softly graduated in both tone and texture.

Is it time for you to give taupe a try? Browse our cream and neutral paint colours. See neutral effect paints like stone effect and pearl effect here.

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