Unsame Your Ceiling!

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Long gone are the days of forgotten ceilings, painted brilliant white only through necessity. This decorating trend is fast picking up momentum and we are delighted to see so many people using Craig & Rose paints to 'unsame' their ceilings. On Instagram, the hashtag #paintedceiling now has over 18.9k posts and this unexpected paint trend can help to create really unique spaces.

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Sophisticated Monochrome

Adding colour to ceilings can actually be a pretty clever move. By doing so you can highlight architectural details and make statement lighting have even more of an impact.  Painting the ceiling can also allow you to be comfortably experimental with colour too.   Black has become an interior staple but people are often too afraid to use it on all four walls.  As our two examples show here, applying black paint to a ceiling can allow you to incorporate this dark shade into your scheme while staying safe on the walls.  In both of these shots, our volcanic black shade Zeitgeist has been used on the ceiling and combined with beautiful neutral shades on the walls for a liveable, yet impactful look.

Zeitgeist together with Royals Circus is one of our most popular combinations.

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Sparkling Perfection

Shine a light on your ceiling and go that extra mile in terms of wow-factor.  Like our previous black examples, incorporating metallic shades to your ceiling can be easier that you would think and by applying a neutral or more subdued shade to the walls, the overall effect is really worthwhile.  Our Artisan Metallic Effect paints are available in Antique Gold (as used in both the examples below), Rose Gold and Bronze Gold.  To enable this confident look we are also now selling these sparkling shades in 2.5L tins.

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Go Bold

This look works well in both period properties or more modern interiors too and if you have some imperfections on the surface, select our beautiful matt Chalky Emulsion finish which will help to disguise them.

If you're feeling quite confident with colour then you can opt for something a little braver. This dramatic room (right) incorporates Arabian Red which creates a truly impressive yet cosy and homely vibe.

Image credit: @beulah_story

Image credit: @househomo

Colour Take-over

By taking the same colour up from the walls on to the ceiling (and even the woodwork too) can produce a scheme which not only catches attention but can also highlight architectural details or make smaller rooms seem much larger. 

Not a stranger to creative paint applications Richard O'Gorman of Instagram account @househomo has incorporated our dramatic deep green Angelica on to both the walls and ceiling with a flash Persian Rose on the picture rail and that dominant and extraordinary arch featuring our Artisan Rust Effect paint too!

So tell us, have you attempted this growing trend yet?  What colour do you fancy trying out on your ceiling? Share your pictures on social media by tagging us in and using the #UnsameYourHome and #UnsameYourCeiling hashtags.  We can't wait to see!