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Unsame Your Doors

At Craig & Rose, we believe that the only person who should really be influencing the style of your home is, well, you.  The colours that you chose for your interior should reflect you, your personality, your personal style and should evoke the feeling that you want to create in your home.  The same goes for your doors.  We want to inspire you to think of your doors and woodwork with as much of an open mind as you do your walls.  Although crisp white woodwork can look clean and timeless against certain colours, its not the only choice you should consider.

This idea is especially important when it comes to your front door. First impressions are everything.  It’s often the first thing people see when they arrive and sets the tone for the rest of your home. You could choose a colour which complements others on the street or you could go bold and stand out.  You might also like to consider colours which enhance the existing masonry or fencing.  There are certain colours which feel in keeping with period property details or you might even decide to go against the grain and opt for a shade which is unexpected.

This quaint and cosy bothy has been lovingly restored by gardener/ floral designer Charlie McCormick and architect Ben Pentreath (who is also co-founder of Pentreath and Hall).  Despite being unorthodox choices, the vibrant yellow and red tones perfectly complement the lush greenery of the surrounding Scottish landscape.

This statement door was spotted in Battersea by Olivia who runs the door-loving Instagram account @door_doork.  A punchy shade which looks great next to the red brickwork - very similar to our FLEURIE

What a beautiful pair - how great if you have a neighbor who wants to #UnsameYourDoor with you!

VICTORIA and LAMPLIGHTER would brighten up any street! 

This Primrose Hill home caught the eye of Florence (@HouseofFloz) who is considering colour for her home in a whole new way after starting working for Houseof.comTROUBADOUR would be an instant hit we think!

This Victorian Terrace owned by @roundthepenroses features our own ROSE PINK  - cheery and optimistic, especially next to crisp white and spring blooms.

Dark and dramatic tones also work well on front doors - combine with metallic hardware and accessories to bring classic features right up to date.  This door features OTTILIE, one of the 11 new colours in our 1829 collection.

With a little creativity and some imagination, your internal doors can be just as interesting and can even become the highlight of the room! Here are some examples of what can be achieved with a pot of your favourite colour, some masking tape, a tape measure and a spirit level. 

Portland-based designer and master of colourful murals, Rachael Jackson made a statement in her entrance area using bright pops of colour.  Her design ethos of fighting back against understated underpins the work she does in her own business Banyan Bridges but this look could easily inspire some creativity in your own home. 

DIY and colour enthusiast, Lissi has created an excellent step-by-step video over on IGTV (@oxfordone) to show exactly how easy it is to do something a little different in an average-size hallway.  Armed with masking tape, a laser spirit level and some well-chosen colours, Lissi gave her hallway and complete make-over in just a few hours. 

Applying pattern detail to your doors is another great way to add your own stamp to your interior.  Check out the Instagram account @Oakappledecor to see how Marisa and Chris painted basic plywood to create this eye-catching arch concept, finished off with handles from Dowsing and Reynolds.

Your choice of colour for your internal doors and woodwork might also depend on what shade you have chosen for your walls. Deciding on an alternative to Brilliant White, can also enhance the other colours in your scheme.  A dark intense shade would allow for pale colours across large spaces whilst still keeping a level of interest. If the wall colour is deeper and more dramatic then its worth considering pale colours with a delicate tint in order to find the right balance of colour. 

Lottie (@littlevictorian21) chose ZEITGEIST for her bathroom to highlight her doors and woodwork which allowed for the walls to stay light and bright whilst accentuating the detail in the tiling.

This door featuring beautiful details has been painted with BROKEN WHITE in Eggshell finish which perfectly complements the impactful choice of FLEURIE used on the surrounding walls.

All of our 1829 colours are available in Eggshell and Gloss finishes.  Not quite matt, not quite glossy, our sophisticated Eggshell finish gives a low sheen that falls between the two, lending walls a soft, more subtle than satin sheen for a look that will last.   For exterior doors, choose Gloss to protect against the outside elements.

Have you experimented with colour on your doors?  We’d love to see! Tag us into your photos on social media and use the hashtags #UnsameYourHome or #UnsameYourDoors