Unsame Your Fireplace

If a fireplace is an important feature of your decorating project, don’t forget to consider all the options before you start work.  You may be introducing a new design into your interior or perhaps you are looking for ways to incorporate an existing fireplace. Whatever your goal, there are many ways to give it the attention it deserves.

1829 Collection Fleurie

Image credit: Leila Talmadge

One of the easiest ways to make your fireplace stand out, without making any changes to it is to consider the colour that frames it.  Look at the material and colour of your existing fireplace and consider what colour would highlight the details that you love.  In this shot above of our new colour Fleurie, the blue-green tone really accentuates the profile of the fireplace and the delicate veins in the marble.  Another great example is this (from @leilatalmadge on Instagram) who chose bold and vibrant Smalt for the walls and as you can see, her light colour fireplace becomes a real focal point for the room.

Image credit: @insideterrace25 on Instagram

Of course, there may be instances where you are looking to blend a fireplace into the room rather than make a feature of it. In this example (left), interior enthusiasts Jasmine and Chris opted for Jet black from our 1829 collection which was used across the walls and fireplace surround, creating a streamlined and understated look which they combined with monochrome pattern, texture and metallic detail.

Image credit: Pinks Charming

Image credit: Pinks Charming

Fireplaces can prove a little difficult, not to mention expensive to change.  Eco-blogger and Copywriter Becky Pink (@pinkscharming on Instagram) gave her inherited fireplace a stunning makeover. From dull and dated to bright and modern, this just proves what you can achieve with a lick of paint.

Image credit: www.thecolourfile.com

Image credit: www.thrillsoftheemporium

And of course, nothing says #UnsameYourHome like a confident splash of colour.  We just love this detailed classic fireplace with the unexpected injection of pink against dark walls from Thrills of the Emporium. Tonal pastels were also used in combination when Martha Roberts (@the_colour_file on Instagram), inspired by Charleston House, the meeting place of the Bloomsbury group, revived her black fireplace to fit in a little better with its colourful surroundings.


So, hows your fireplace looking?  Could it do with a little more attention? #UnsameYourFireplace