Unsame Your Home Office

From kitchen tables to purpose built studios, the need for a home office has seen our homes and interiors change somewhat over the last few months.  Our homes are no longer just for sleeping and eating but have also become the primary location of our work and social lives too. Makeshift desk spaces have evolved as the pandemic shifted to a longer-term situation. Even if you already had a dedicated office space in your home it's likely that it has become more of an important feature than you had originally planned so its only right that it gets your full attention when it comes to design.

Here we are looking through ideas for how to create a space which encourages productivity and makes you feel great (or as good as possible) about being at work.

This room features Braze Blue and Pompadour from the 1829 Collection


Opting for a split level concept for the walls will allow you to bring the block-colour trend into your home and experiment with multiple tones or colours. By using high-quality masking tape and a laser level, you can achieve a sharp, contemporary look and by opting to use the lighter colour on the top you'll make the room seem bigger. You could even take the top colour up onto the ceiling and the bottom colour down onto the skirting board by choosing matching shades in eggshell and emulsion from our 1829 collection.


Creating a space which reflects your own personal style, goals, passions and your occupation is a great way to ensure you stay motivated.  Surround yourself with colours and accessories that inspire you and keep you focused.  Bright colours, such as those used here in these two examples, generate a feeling of optimism and growth.

Image credit: @therachelhendersonstudios

Image credit: @doodle_moo


In order to ensure productivity, focus and concentration, you may decide to create an interior scheme which has minimal distraction with muted colours and soft tactile surfaces. Decorate using pieces of personal importance or decor which provides inspiration whilst keeping walls light and bright, cultivating serenity and calm.

Image credit: @thankfifi


Blues and Greens have a similar effect and can be used to provide a sense of calm and restful relaxation. Of course, outside of colour choices and creative paint application ideas, there are a few crucial elements that you need to get right.  A desk that's appropriate in size for the job, sufficient storage for a clean workspace, good task lighting and of course, a comfortable chair.  Working with a supply of natural daylight is also important and incorporating plant life into your space has been proven to have numerous health benefits.  

Image credit: @home.twelve

Image credit: @liznylon