Unsame Your Home

We believe the decisions you make for your home should be driven by the wonderfully unique characteristics of you and your family and not defined purely by trends and other people's opinions. Let us help inspire that journey.

Rachel Henderson X Craig & Rose

Be inspired by Rachel's colourful, joyous room revamp and upcycle project.

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  1. Rachel Henderson X Craig & Rose

    Rachel Henderson X Craig & Rose

    Be inspired by Rachel's colourful, joyous room revamp and upcycle project.

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    Take a peek at how Jen transformed her kitchen storage cupboard from cluttered and unloved to 'the pantry of dreams'.

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  3. Our #UNSAMEYOURHOME Gallery: Part 3

    Our #UNSAMEYOURHOME Gallery: Part 3

    For our third instalment, we shine the spotlight on some amazing rooms that feature our Artisan Effect paints.  This collection provides outstanding, bespoke results that really enable you to create a unique home.

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  4. Our #UNSAMEYOURHOME Gallery: Part 2

    Our #UNSAMEYOURHOME Gallery: Part 2

    Continuing with our celebration of beautifully unique interiors which have evolved from ideas about individual style and personal connections with colour.

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  5. Our #UNSAMEYOURHOME Gallery: Part 1

    Our #UNSAMEYOURHOME Gallery: Part 1

    YOUR LIFE IS TOO INTERESTING FOR BORING PAINT!  Here we are sharing some fantastic interiors and the inspiration and thought process behind some fabulous colour decisions.

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  6. Furniture Upcycle Project with Jess from The House That Colour Built

    Furniture Upcycle Project with Jess from The House That Colour Built

    Our #UnsameYourHome campaign is about celebrating individuality and expressing your own unique style and vision through the colours you choose for your home.  We also value the importance and possibilities that upcycling and renovation projects create and our Eggshell paint is perfect for the job.  This is a transformation project not to be missed!

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  7. Unsame Your Nursery

    Unsame Your Nursery

    Colour is known to have a significant impact on wellbeing and mood so its important to carefully choose colours for a nursery that will create a soothing place to sleep and a setting which sparks joy and imagination.

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  8. Unsame Your Home Office

    Unsame Your Home Office

    The office has become an integral part of the home and here we look through ideas for how to create a space which encourages productivity and reflects both your needs and personal style

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  9. Unsame Your Ceiling!

    Unsame Your Ceiling!

    Long gone are the days of forgotten ceilings, painted brilliant white only through necessity. This decorating trend is fast picking up momentum and we are delighted to see so many people using Craig & Rose paints to 'unsame' their ceilings. On Instagram, the hashtag #paintedceiling now has over 18.9k posts and growing. We've selected some of our recent favourite examples.

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  10. Unsame Your Kitchen

    Unsame Your Kitchen

    As the hub of the home, the kitchen is a busy room that needs to work hard from a design point of view. Thanks to some excellent, hard-wearing paint, it's possible to achieve an outstanding transformation, creating rooms which really reflect your own style and tastes.

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  11. Unsame Your Kids Room

    Unsame Your Kids Room

    Experiment with colour and pattern in a room of the home that can be unapologetically colourful and creative. The challenge here is to produce a look which not only feels both exciting and comforting but also an authentic representation of the child that inhabits the space.

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  12. Unsame Your Fireplace

    Unsame Your Fireplace

    In many rooms, the fireplace is a key focal point. Give yours the attention it deserves by considering the impact that paint can have.

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  13. Unsame Your Details

    Unsame Your Details

    Celebrating the details of an interior, whether ornate or beautifully simple. The colours and techniques chosen for skirtings, architraves and coving can often be the most significant part of a scheme so attention to detail at the early stage of a project can really pay off.

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  14. Unsame Your Walls

    Unsame Your Walls

    In order to #UnsameYourWalls, you need to make a choice of colour and finish that not only feels new but also really suits the space it's intended for. The decision needs to be based on many aspects of the room from daylight to size and proportion but more than this it needs to feel right for you and inspired by your own style and tastes. Getting creative with your walls and trying out new techniques and finishes can result in truly unique results that you’ll love.

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  15. Unsame Your Doors

    Unsame Your Doors

    At Craig & Rose, we believe that the only person who should really be influencing the style of your home is, well, you. The colours that you chose for your interior should reflect you, your personality, your personal style and should evoke the feeling that you want to create in your home. The same goes for your doors.

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