Unsame Your Nursery


There are lots of practical considerations when designing a nursery scheme, like including enough storage, choosing the right lighting, safe sleeping and comfortable seating for night feeders but when it comes to colour, it's a chance to have some fun!  The first room your baby sleeps in will come high up on the list of importance for your home decoration plans but some simple, yet clever choices can help you to create an impactful interior style which will grow with the child without too much hassle.

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Creating a light a bright room is often a popular route for new parents whose nursery room also happens to be the smallest room of the home. Having said that, this space doesn't have to be lacking in colour and there are many easy paint applications which can allow you to introduce even the bravest shades with ease. Pockets of colour and split sections are easily achieved with some high-quality masking tape and a laser level and our examples here (above) demonstrate that a confident colour with white/ off-white can work incredibly well.

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Gender-neutral colour palettes are actually pretty straight-forward due to the fact that you can opt for what inspires you and what tones catch your attention. Unorthodox colour combinations with unexpected pops of colour are becoming more and more popular for the nursery as people look to create interiors which reflect their own style. The whole point here is to begin to encourage the idea of making choices based on what you love rather and other peoples expectations. 

Much-loved shades are often inspired by nature although highlights of vivid colour against muted walls is also a great way to encourage creativity and imagination.  Take inspiration from some favourite prints or wall art or design a scheme around adventure, exploration, learning or even favourite storybooks. 




Morris blue is a highly versatile colour. A soft vintage blue, dark enough to feel strong and meaningful yet pale enough to be reminiscent of both water and air. Here we have a couple of examples where Morris Blue has been used successfully on both the wall and on furniture in two very different style rooms.

TIP: When purchasing paint for a bedroom, opt for our Chalky Emulsion which provides great coverage and a beautiful matt finish.  Alternatively Eggshell is incredibly durable and more likely to withstand the certain wear-and-tear of a child's room.  Eggshell is a low-sheen finish yet is recommended for use on both walls, woodwork and furniture.

Image credit: Instagram account @renovating.roselane

Image credit: Instagram account @renovating.roselane


Soft green tones are also a great choice for nursery interiors and provide a sense of calm and tranquillity. Green shades are a great selection when used in combination with neutral tones and textures as well as references to nature and wildlife. From our delicate pastels such as Soft Green to some of our more timeless, period-inspired tones like Tapestry Green, verdant colours create harmony and balance.

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People are becoming more and more keen to create individual and unique schemes for their homes as well and wanting to provide inspiring yet restful spaces for children to grow and develop. As the hottest 'feature wall' trend, murals can be as personal and bespoke as you like.  These two examples show how perfect murals are for nursery interiors as a way of including a theme and a variety of colour and interesting pattern. On the left, Sophie (AKA @thiscolourfulnest) has hand-painted a beautiful sky vista using a collection of Craig & Rose sample pots. The image on the right includes a highly detailed mural panel which was designed and produced by Mairi Helena in collaboration with Kate Slater. The mural, entitled Iona's Animal World Mural was inspired by glorious summer days on the Isle of Iona. Here, Mairi has combined two favourite shades from the 1829 Collection; Wedgwood Lilac on the walls and Steel Pole on the radiator. 


So. where does the inspiration for your nursery interior come from?  Join in the conversation by tagging us in on your pictures and by using the hashtags #UnsameYourHome and #UnsameYourNursery