Unsame Your Walls

In order to #UnsameYourWalls, you need to make a choice of colour and finish that not only feels new but also really suits the space its intended for.  The decision needs to be based on many aspects of the room from daylight to size and proportion but more than this it needs to feel right for you and inspired by your own style and tastes.  Getting creative with your walls and trying out new techniques and finishes can result in truly unique results that you’ll love.

The Joy of Texture

Our Artisan range offers many special effects that can allow you to create something really bespoke.  The new Chalk Wash range produces a soft, marble-like finish, perfect for adding texture to flat walls.  Rust Effect, Concrete Effect and Copper Effect are other exceptional finishes that bring the look of authentic industrial material qualities into an interior scheme.  It's also possible to use different tools and techniques to achieve different levels of texture – we love this example (below, top left) from @thewhitehome on Instagram who wanted to stay true to their style whilst also being keen to discover a way to bring in some colour.

@thewhitehome combined Olive Laque with Pullman Green and Deep Adam Green using a brush and a damp cloth to achieve this soft texture.

@theknottedtouch has incorporated an Artisan Rust Effect wall with green tones in the kitchen.

Hand Painted Rebellion

Whether a free-hand pattern or carefully planned and measured markings, there are many ways to add a unique touch of colour to a room.  Creating an eye-catching feature with only a small amount of paint is a great way to add interest to new project or to update a room in need of a refresh.   Go bright and bold or use colours which tie in with existing finishes and materials. 

Statement shapes and vibrant colour from Mr Buckley Interiors

Colourful rainbow design created by hand with a small roller by @thismotherbakes

A cheerful painted headboard by @_missy_logan

Charlotte AKA @wiltshirefarmhouse hand painted these abstract lines with a brush and 1829 Angelica which toned in nicely with the existing bathroom tiles.

Panelling Pro

If you’ve decided on a particular colour but eager to do something a little different in order to break up large surface areas then why not try panelling.  It’s a design option that getting a lot of attention at the moment, mostly due to how easy it is to DIY.  Its also, of course, a great way to dial up the level of detail and add character to a modern interior.

The colour of choice for @twentieshouse was deep and intense Angelica 

Tonal neutrals combined with delicate Cashmere by @life_of_isatu

Have you given your walls a make-over by doing something a little creative? We love to see how our customers and followers are getting involved – please keep sharing by tagging us in and using the hashtag #UnsameYourHome