Upcycling Furniture and Accessories

  1. Upcycling special: Oh so kel

    Upcycling special with Oh So Kel: Bar cart glamour

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  2. Who says colour is just for walls?

    Who says colour is just for walls?

    Who says colour is just for walls? Upcycling is an easy way to breathe new life into a preloved piece of furniture and express your unique style. Just take Chalky Emulsion & Furniture Wax and add your imagination.

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  3. Using a wax

    When do I need to use a protective topcoat like varnish or wax?

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  4. Paint Effects for Easter decorating

    Upcycle ideas for Easter

    The Easter holidays are the perfect time for crafting and upcycling projects. 

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  5. Adding creativity to Christmas decorating

    Adding creativity to Christmas decorating

    Would you like to make your own unique Christmas decorations to match your décor? Or do you have some old decorations that you’ve used year upon year and would like to update? Our Artisan range of decorative effects is perfect for adding your own touch to Christmas decorations.

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  6. upcycling furniture


    One of the biggest interior trends of the last few years is upcycling. Find out in our latest blog post which paints to use for transforming furniture and upcycling.

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  7. decorating for christmas


    We all like to make our surroundings as inviting as possible over the festive period. Our effects from the Artisan range are perfect for creating decorations as well as feature areas

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