Upcycling Project: Create an ombre effect basket with Artisan Effects

Craig & Rose Artisan Effects aints don't have to be used to spray the entire item. Why not try spraying part of an item to achieve this very on trend Ombre effect?

1. Before you start you will require the following items to complete the project:

  • 1 can of Craig & Rose Artisan High Performance Enamel Hog Bristle
  • Damp cloth
  • Drop sheet or newspaper
  • Lazy Susan

ombre prep

2. Place item on Lazy Susan. Whilst slowly spinning the basket on the lazy Susan, start spraying at approximately half of the way up the basket keeping your hand steady. This should be a lighter coat to achieve the ombre effect.

ombre spray

3. Using light even strokes and rotating the Lazy Susan, fill in the area from your top line to the bottom of the basket. Due to the texture of a basket, 2 to 3 coats are required to achieve an opaque finish. Remember to leave the top line as a light coat.

ombre finished

4. Leave basket to dry for 20 minutes. Have a cup of tea and admire your work!

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