Upcycling special with Oh So Kel: Bar cart glamour

Live ‘La Vie en Rose’ with Rose Gold Artisan Metallic Spray Paint

It’s no wonder that upcycling is so popular when you think about it. It’s cost-saving, so much fun, breathes life into old objects, creates versatility and with the Craig and Rose Artisan Paint Collection, incredibly easy too.

If you’re a DIY obsessive constantly wanting to create original pieces or homemade one off gifts with quick results, then these spray paints are for you. They’re fast drying, can be used inside or outside, and work brilliantly on many surfaces including wood, plastic and metal.

My absolute favourite shade is the Rose Gold Artisan Metallic Effect spray paint because blush tones are so on trend right now and I love how versatile it is across all seasons and styles…

Take this white tea trolley which got a peachy upcycle to become a glamorous bar cart for the winter season:

Rose gold bar cart

The same spray paint also gave these bottles of fizz an uplift for gifts and the White Marble Effect sprayed over the Rose Gold on this lantern created such a beautiful piece in our living room.

Rose Gold and marble effect

When using the spray paints just be sure to turn the can upside down and shake thoroughly before use, put the object on protective sheeting in a well-ventilated area, and spray evenly from around a 15 inch distance. Happy upcycling!

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