What do you need to think about when preparing for a painting project?

Josh is the Assistant Manager in our Stockbridge, Edinburgh showroom, and a resident expert on ensuring you get the perfect finish for your project.  We asked Josh for some tips to keep in mind before beginning a redecorating project.

First off Josh, what do people need to consider when they decide that a room needs to be redecorated?

The first thing I would say is come in and talk to us! If you need help picking a scheme you can come in for a coffee, pick up a colour card or chat with one of our colour consultants in store. As a starting point we would ask if you have any existing carpets, sofas or colours that need to co-ordinate, or do you want to start afresh?

Many people find it useful to create a mood board via Pinterest or to save images on Instagram of things they like. You can then build up a clear picture of what you love, and we can help you to choose what will work best. If you don’t yet know what you like, we can help ask the right questions to tease out the answers.

Fab! That’s really useful for people to start a colour scheme. What’s next?

Next, consider how your choices are affected by the elements within your space, such as lighting; is there a lot of natural light or will there be soft internal lighting? If it’s one room, how will it connect with the other colours in the house? Many people find it easier and less daunting to focus on one room as a starting point and then build from there.

Always sample your shortlisted colours too: paint out a sample pot on a piece of card to attach to different walls through the room in different lights at different times of day. Our pigments are high quality and some of our colours can take on different tones in different lights – for instance Morris Blue can look more green, blue or grey depending on the light. Make sure the sample is large enough for you to imagine it over the whole wall.

So what do they need to consider within this room?

If you are doing it yourself, consider these tips:

What are the surfaces like? Are the walls freshly plastered? Or are they in need of a serious overhaul after 10 years of being unloved? If the walls are freshly plastered, you will benefit from using undercoat as the wall is absorbent and will need a lot more paint if not undercoated. If walls are in a bad condition you would need to ensure they are thoroughly clean – use sugarsoap wipes and give yourself a fresh surface for the paint to adhere to and give you the best finish suitable. Investing time in your preparation is the best thing you can do to ensure you get that premium finish that you were looking for when you invested in a high quality paint.

If there is anything you need or any questions you have we are always on hand: give us a call in the showroom and we can answer your questions along the way.

So what things might people need to paint a room themselves?

  • Dustsheets to cover up your items
  • Masking tape to tape off edges with and ensure you are getting clean straight lines
  • Sandpaper for smoothing bumps on woodwork and to clean and smooth walls
  • Sugarsoap or Selleys sugarsoap wipes to clean surfaces down
  • Filler to use on any cracks or holes
  • Brushes and rollers – we have a selection of specialist brushes for edges, woodwork and walls
  • Undercoat to prepare surfaces
  • Your chosen paint – make sure you have enough!

What finishes do people need to use and how do they work out how much paint they need?

For walls, Chalky Emulsion is a great quality wipeable matt. For walls in high traffic rooms, kitchens or bathrooms Eggshell is ideal. For woodwork use Gloss or Eggshell.  We have lots of speciality effect finishes as well. If you are looking for something different check out our Artisan range.

Check the coverage rate given on the tin – all your prep work will ensure the best coverage rate. Allow for 2 coats generally, but check what is recommended for that particular product.

Measure your walls or surface and then calculate surface area – use our paint calculator online for an easy answer!

Any top tips for application?

For walls: When applying with a roller, apply in a ‘W’ shape to maximise coverage and ensure an even finish. Don’t be tempted to over roll the same area too many times as this may begin to lift paint off again.  At the end of each coat ‘feather’ the roller downwards to smooth the finish and lay pigments in the same direction.

For woodwork: When applying with a brush, lightly wet your brush first as it allows the brush to absorb more paint. Avoid overloading the brush as applying too much to the surface may cause drips or lines in the finish.

Great! Any other tips?

Have fun with it! Get some music on and take your time with it – an extra half hour to create smooth edges will ensure a great finish for years to come.  This is your chance make your home your own, stamp your personality on it and inspire your own creativity. Also remove all pets from the space unless you want painty pawprints on the floor!

Last question – what’s your fave Craig & Rose paint to work with?

Copper patina bedroom

I love working with Copper Patina – it’s such a unique finish and adds so much drama to a space. You can apply it in your own way so you don’t have to be super confident before you start. It works really well with Moonstone Grey as a co-ordinating colour.

Investing in quality products and taking the time on the day ensures a much better end result.

Thanks a million Josh! We’d better let you get back to helping customers now in the Stockbridge Showroom.

No problem, always happy to help.

FInd your nearest showroom, order a colour card or find out more about our colour consultancy service

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