deas have to start somewhere.

Many designers immerse themselves in creative ideas from other sources to inspire them. So where can you look if you have decided that you want to decorate but you aren’t yet sure of the concept, look or colours that might work in your home?

There are loads of places you can look for inspiration ranging from online sources, print media and real world examples.




Here are our top five sources of inspiration for interior design ideas: 

1. Interiors magazines and their websites – there are a wealth of magazines around which cater for all tastes. If you like contemporary, architectural style try Livingetc and Elle Decoration or for a more traditional look try Period Living. For a variety of styles House BeautifulIdeal HomeHouse & Garden and Good Homes are just a few of the titles you can look at. All of these magazines are available in print, have websites and visual social media sites.

2. Interiors blogs – There are some great bloggers out there who write about everything from their favourite products, how to ideas and step by step project guides – here is the short list for the interior blog awards 2014 which features some great sites.

3. Social media – Pinterest and Instagram are great sources of visual inspiration. The beauty of pinterest is that you can create your own boards and pin everything you like to it – whether you want to research a living room idea, compare colour schemes or find some creative upcycling ideas, you can browse a multitude of pins to add to your board, or follow whole boards that you love!

4. Fashion – very often fashion designers and interior designers look to the same colour forecasting sources for inspiration. New seasons can be a great source for themes – From New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Week to trend forecasters themselves – try pantone.com or www.globalcolor.co.uk

5. Art and photography  - wandering round a gallery browsing some fantastic art or looking through online photography sites such as flickr.com can really spark the imagination – anything can inform the direction of your colour scheme..from a photo featuring a vibrant pink sari to a watercolour of some warm yellow sunflowers.

These are just a few of the top sources of inspiration that we find useful. The most important thing is to enjoy the creative process  - we hope that you find plenty of inspiration along the way!