An eggshell finish has a soft subtle sheen – less that a satin or gloss and therefore is more understated and considered by some as more elegant than a gloss finish.

An eggshell finish can have many of the benefits of both matt and gloss paints but none of the drawbacks, so is often a great alternative for both walls and wood. Eggshell paint is wipeable and hardwearing, just like gloss paint so is great for use on woodwork and radiators. The current trend towards upcycling furniture demands a finish that will withstand knocks and scrapes, while maintaining a low sheen level, and acrylic eggshell is perfect for this, so if you have a set of wooden dining chairs or a chest of drawers that need to be painted, acrylic eggshell could be the paint for you.

Traditionally, people tend to use matt finishes on wall areas. Flat matt finishes tend to diffuse light, rather than reflecting it, so are good for large wall areas as they conceal imperfections. However for walls in areas of higher traffic, such as halls, acrylic eggshell can be a great alternative to matt paint, as it combines a low sheen with a higher level of resistance to stains and can easily be washed. Eggshell is also good for use in bathrooms, kitchens or kid’s roomswhere a slightly more hardwearing finish is required.

Traditional eggshell finishes were oil based, which meant that equipment needed to be washed in white spirits however all of our eggshell paints are waterbased acrylics. Acrylic paints are more hardwearing than vinyls, and brushes with waterbased paint on them can simply be cleaned in water. We offer our 1829 Vintage Colours in Acrylic Eggshell, in 750ml tins (perfect for woodwork). Our Superior range colours come in Eggshell, both as 2.5L and 5L tins. The Abigail Ahern range is also available in Eggshell (2.5L).

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