Chalky Emulsion gives a luxurious soft and chalky matt finish which emulates that of traditional distemper. The more deep and chalky the finish of  a paint is, the brighter and richer the colour reflected is, Chalky Emulsion gives an unrivalled depth of colour and creates a feel of period elegance, but looks equally at home in a contemporary setting.

Although Chalky Emulsion emulates a traditional finish, it is a long lasting emulsion that gives superior coverage and can be wiped down.

As it is water-based, Chalky Emulsion equipment such as brushes and rollers can be washed out in water.

Where can I use Chalky Emulsion?

Chalky Emulsion is ideal for large areas such as walls and ceilings to give a rich matt finish. Traditionally matt paints are used on walls and ceilings as the matt finish tends to hide imperfections and can feel warmer than a paint with a sheen.

In recent years there has also been a trend towards using chalky matt paints for upcycling furniture. Chalky Emulsion can be used for upcycling, however it is important to protect the surface after painting, as furniture will generally need to withstand more knocks and scrapes than walls.  You can protect surfaces after painting with a good wax, or with a varnish. You will also need to think about what kind of preparation the surface will need, depending on what it is and how it has previously been treated. For instance, if you have an old sideboard that you would like to paint, but it has previously been varnished, you should sand the surface and consider using a primer to ensure the paint adheres and that any imperfections are sanded to smooth.

You can also use chalky emulsion on card or a canvas so if you have some sample pots or left over paint, why not create some artwork for the room that co-ordinates with the walls? 

All of our colours in the 1829 Vintage Colours range are available in Chalky Emulsion, Gloss and Acrylic Eggshell. 

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