Is a colour name important? Do you choose colours based on their name? The names of our 1829 vintage colours for instance, tell you about it's history and the origin. For instance, we’ve got Smalt (a strong blue), Pipe Clay, Eau di Nil and Camisole Pink for starters.

Colour names can be very evocative. A name like Pipe Clay for instance, evokes the thought of a damp, earthy, warm tone, while Medici Crimson feels deep, rich, opulent and exciting! Camisole Pink, derived from the Spanish word for shirt, this is a name that might be too much in certain quarters. 

Some of our colours are named after their source of inspiration. For example, Alhambra Stone represents the red sandstone walls of the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain whilst Pompadour is a colour with origins in the Rococo Period, named after Madame de Pompadour of France. 

Other colours are rooted in a historic period and are taken directly from our colour archives and faithfully reproduced. Our vintage colours all tell a story - why not make them part of your story too? 

Browse through our paint ranges, explore the names and discover the history behind the different colours.