When do I need to use a protective topcoat like varnish or wax?

There will be times when your paintwork or furniture needs some extra protection. It could be in an area which is well used, like a hallway which is subject to daily use, or it may be that you want to  prolong the finished effect, keeping your work looking new for as long as possible.  Using a protective topcoat can help you avoid having to refresh and renew your paint work as often.

What is wax and when should I use it?

Furniture & Effect Wax provides a protective, water repellent finish which is clear. It dries to a matt finish but can be buffed to a gloss sheen, so you can choose your desired finish.

Wax is perfect for use over Chalky Emulsion to protect upcycled furniture, or can be used on bare wood that has been sanded and stripped back for a natural look.

You can also use wax to protect paint effects on walls, such as Concrete Effect or Rust Effect to seal in and protect from scrapes and scuffs.

When should I use Gloss and Semi Gloss Clear Coat Spray Paint?

Our Artisan Clear Coat sprays are ideal for protecting smaller craft projects, such as painted pots, picture frames and home made artworks.

Clear Coat sprays are easy to use and have the added benefit of being able to quickly and easily cover areas that have lots of curves and edges, which would take longer to protect with a brush-on varnish.

You can use Clear Coats to protect some of our other Artisan Spray Effects, such as Crackle Effect and Marble Effect.  This will help to avoid damage on surfaces such as table tops.

You can also use Clear Coats directly on to paper-based art and photographs, to stop dirt and smudges and sealing in your work.

You can choose from our Gloss or Semi-gloss finishes.

If I’m upcycling with Eggshell or Gloss paint, do I need to protect my work?

Our 1829 Eggshell and Gloss finishes are hardwearing and are suitable for use on woodwork and furniture without additional topcoats, so there is no need to use Wax when upcycling with eggshell or gloss paint.

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