Antique Gold Effect

Add a touch of luxury and sophistication with Gold Effect. Ideal for inside the home. Not suitable for high wear situations, wet areas or absorbent surfaces. Brush effect paint around the edges of the wall. Apply the first coat with a roller. Roll using light, even pressure. Take the roller as close to the edge as possible to cover the brush marks. Working in small sections, apply the second coat with a roller. While the paint is still wet, drag a brush in a random pattern. Make sure to overlap brushed areas to achieve an even effect. Avoid touching up. Rolling alone is not recommended.

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Best for: Interior Walls & Ceilings, Wooden Furniture, Interior Wooden Doors and Woodwork, Interior Metal. Also suitable for Exterior Use.

A luxurious finish that creates the look of shimmering gold. Create feature walls, update trim areas or upcycle furniture.

From £7.00

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