Copper Effect

Metal earth. Fall deep under the timelessly tactile spell of copper and reach full glow with our Artisan Copper Effect paint. Get creative with your finish. Bring brushed, bruised or polished copper into your projects with refreshed doors, details and decor. You could even go bold outdoors and refresh your garden ornaments with a contemporary edge. Perfect the finish, follow our application how-to's and get the copper feel of your dreams. If you're looking for a more striking aesthetic, apply our Artisan Copper Patina solution on top for a decadent weathered look.

Preparation and Application: Details on how best to prep your surfaces and apply this paint can be found in our Artisan Copper Effect article here or in our Artisan Copper Effect Technical Data Sheet here.

Method of Application: Use a large roller to apply 2 coats of this product using light, even pressure and working in small sections. While the paint is still wet, drag a brush in random patterns through the paint making sure to overlap brushed areas to achieve an even effect. Avoid touching up.

Please note that if you want to achieve a 'patina copper effect' you will need to apply our Artisan Copper Patina on top of our Artisan Copper Effect paint before it has fully dried.

Coverage Per Litre: 12.5sqm / 2.5L

Drying Time: 12 hours after the recoat.

From £8.00

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