Copper Patina

Weathered stature. Craft your own paint story with the unique effect of our Copper Patina Solution. Apply over Craig & Rose Artisan Copper Effect paint and watch in wonder as you create opalescent colours of faded regency coastal rooftops, with deep mineral hues and romantic shades of Verdigris turquoise and aqua. Evoke the oxidized finish of copper cast statues and follow our application how-to's to get all the aged beauty of Copper Patina, minus the effort.

Preparation and Application: Details on how best to prep your surfaces and apply this paint can be found in our Artisan Copper Effect article here or in our Artisan Copper Patina Technical Data Sheet here.

Method of Application: Use a brush or muslin cloth to apply 2 coats of this product in a random pattern. To increase the intensity of the green patina effect, up to 3 coats of our Copper Patina may be applied. Green Patination will begin to develop within hours and will continue to increase over the next 12 hours. Do not apply a clear sealer over top.

Please note that if you want to achieve a 'patina copper effect' you will need to apply our Artisan Copper Patina on top of our Artisan Copper Effect paint before it has fully dried.

Drying Time: 4 hours (minimum) between coats.

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