Diamond Dust Glitter Glaze

Iridescent daze. A subtle glow with deep ethereal reflections. Artisan Diamond Dust Glitter Glaze is our most multi-faceted glitter effect. Its iridescent qualities create prismatic reflections that'll have you transfixed. Get creative with your arts & crafts projects or incorporate this into your interior scheme and add a subtle touch of shimmer to interior walls, woodwork, and accessories. For best results, apply over Craig & Rose 1829 Chalky Emulsion paint.

Preparation and Application: Details on how best to prep your surfaces and apply this effect can be found in our Artisan Glitter Glaze Top Tips article or in our Glitter Glaze Technical Data Sheet here.

Method of Application: We recommend you practice your application technique on a piece of cardboard or another matte surface.  Apply this effect with a small foam roller for larger areas or a brush for smaller objects. Ensure the roller or brush is rid of any excess product before applying to your chosen surface. This effect should not be applied over eggshell or glossy surfaces. 2 coats recommended for most projects.

Coverage Per Litre: 4sqm / 250ml

Drying Time:  2-4 hours surface dry time. 4 hour dry time between recoats.

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