Light Grey Granite Effect

Stone craft. Modernist monochrome stone. Artisan Light Grey Granite Effect is a fast-drying water-based spray paint that creates a distinctive granite effect. This unique effect will redefine objects with its play on materiality, perfect for unifying a space that is in need of a grounding neutral. Apply on decorative home items you want to update or make a feature of.

Preparation and Application: Details on how best to prep your surfaces and apply this effect can be found in our Artisan Spray Booklet here.

Method of Application: After shaking well, hold can upright 15-25cm from your chosen surface and spray this effect with smooth even strokes parallel to your surface. Apply several light coats rather than one heavy coat. 3 coats of paint recommended.

Coverage Per Litre: up to 0.4 sqm / 400ml depending on surface.

Drying Time:  touch dry in 24 hours, 20 minutes dry time between recoats.