Pale Elements Concrete Effect

Exposed aesthetic. A statement concrete effect that you can create anywhere This is a high-fashion concrete paint to rival the real thing, with the added bonus that you can apply it yourself. Artisan Pale Elements Concrete Effect is our lightest concrete effect and has a muted, subtle, and effortlessly cool aesthetic. Sculpt a sensory sensation of a feature wall wherever you're looking to add character.

Preparation and Application: Details on how best to prep your surfaces and apply this paint can be found in our Artisan Concrete Effect How-To Guide or in our Concrete Effect Technical Data Sheet here.

Method of Application: Use a long pile roller to apply this product in small sections. Use a steel trowel to smooth the painted surface using sweeping strokes. Recommended to use 3 coats ensuring each coat is dry before moving on to the next.

Coverage Per Litre: 12.5sqm / 2.5L

Drying Time:  4 hours surface dry time. Allow 4 hours dry time between recoats and 24 hours maximum dry time before you polish.

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